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This mission statement should give us an orientation in all our actions in daily business. It is a principle for dealing with each other, with our customers, suppliers and all publics who touch us.

Who we are, what we stand for
Founded as a family business for over 140 years, Eder, which is part of the world-class Winoa Group, has been active in the field of surface technology, and we make every effort to continue this tradition and commitment in the future.

What we orient ourselves
We are a company that operates according to business principles. Profit orientation and expansion secure the location and the associated jobs.

What sets us apart
Active customer service and service are important pillars of our business success.

Through the production of technically high-quality and market-driven products and the continuous development of the same, we set the technical standard in the industry.
The innovations are made possible by the creative potential of each individual employee, which has to be promoted, as well as by permanent research.

The existing overall knowledge about blasting media, blasting technology and painting technology enables us as a problem solver to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

What we mean by quality
We offer products and services that meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

We make the communication to the outside (customers, suppliers, neighbors, authorities and the environment) and internally to the employees open.

All employees should be constantly informed about the importance of impeccable quality and customer service for our company and act accordingly.

How we behave as employees and managers
We are a team that carries out the work on its own responsibility in the interests of the company and its customers. We want to make a positive difference in the market.
Different opinions and constructive criticism are desired. Differences are factually and for the benefit of the company.

What the environment means to us
Our production techniques and products are designed to give our children an intact, livable environment.

How we stand by our customers
We strive for partnership-building, consistent customer relationships. Quality and competence are the prerequisites.

How we shape the relationship with our suppliers
Everyone can be both customer and supplier. We treat our suppliers with the same fairness with which we want to be treated by our customers.