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Carl Eder acquires a forge and chain forge at the current company location. The contact with stonemasons leads to the idea of replacing the quartz sand used for sawing stone slabs by a more efficient sand of steel.


For the first time, Stahlmassa – an angular, heat-treated steel granulate is produced. Its technical superiority enables the cutting of the hardest rock types.


The steel massa is also used for grinding the surfaces of sawn hard rock. This means for the company Eder the first contact with the surface technology.


Long development work allows for the first time the production of a chilled granulate as a substitute for the steel massa. Based on the steel massa, it is falsely called blasting sand. The new product is excellently suited for sawing, smoothing and polishing of rocks as well as for sandblasting.


Johann Eder is granted a patent for the “device for producing metal grains”. In the basic principle, the spinning off of liquid iron from a rotating disk, this device is still used today.


The production plant for a new generation of blasting abrasives is put into operation.
The now produced spherical cast steel shot is ideally suited for use in blast wheel blasting machines. The sales program is completed by the trade in blasting abrasives from other materials.


Growth from the blasting media specialist to the complete provider of process technologies and problem solutions for the entire blasting technology.


125th anniversary.
Today’s Winoa Group joins the company as the majority shareholder.


A big fire completely destroyed our abrasive production.The sale of abrasive is still one of our most important pillars, the steel abrasive has been produced by an Winoa subsidiary.


150th anniversary
Worldwide present, locally rooted, we talk about surface technology – since 1873