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Airless nozzle RAC IV

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Graco Airless nozzle RAC IV

Ideally suited for the professional processing of paints, stains, clearcoats, primers, fillers and primers.

Diameter from 0.18mm to 1.40mm spraying angle from 20 ° to 50 °

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GRACO RAC IV Reverse A-Clean Switch Tip Airless Düse

Graco uses a unique numbering system for airless spray nozzles. The last three digits = 331 Simply multiply the first number by 5 and you will get the spray pattern for the paint application. In this case, the first number = “3”; this corresponds to an angle of 30 ° multiplied by 5 = 20 cm. So you get a spray pattern of 20 cm = spray width. The last two digits “13” indicate the nozzle size (bore) in thousandths of an inch = 31 mils = 0.031 inches / (= 0.78mm) = orifice size = (the amount of material passing the nozzle).

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