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Almen strips

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Almen test plates / test strips – almen strips

in different strengths A / C / N
Test strip thickness: N = 0.79 mm A = 1.29 mm C = 2.39 mm

Manufactured to AMS-S-13165 and SAE J442 standards

Packing unit 50 or 500 pcs.

Almen strips to determine the alpine intensity in the blasting process Shot peening.

“Shot-peening” is the compacting of the surface by shot blasting in a blast wheel and compressed air blast machines.

The intensity measurement with almen strips offers the possibility to compare two blasting processes.
The deformation is determined, which causes the blasting process at a defined alpine test strip.
On the basis of the deformation and the intensity thus measured, various influences are recorded, including covering the surface, the saturation point after which further compression is only to be increased insignificantly. This process depends on the hardness and shape of the abrasive, the angle of incidence, the kinetic energy of the abrasive, etc.

Process Flow Almen Test
Fig. 1 Start of sheet formation
Picture 2 visible arcing
Fig. 3 Saturation reached