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Replacement filter for 41P2/P6

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Replacement filter cartridge for 41P breath air filter

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Filter cartridge / filter cartridge for 41P breathing air treatment

7-stage operation
With the replaceable filter cartridge, you can effectively bind and remove contaminants at low levels
Pressure loss. The supply air enters the filter at the inlet port and passes through 6 layers of filter material leaving the filter at the outlet port. The in-line filter material binds water, oil, particles, odors and organic vapors,
so that cleaner air is supplied to the worker or the device.

Water is removed by condensation of the air in the outer cylinder.
Particles are removed by cotton fleece.
Active clay absorbs oil and moisture.
Activated carbon eliminates odors and moisture.
Felt material removes particles.
Cotton fleece removes particles.
The last-stage breath felt serves as the last filter before the air is supplied to the operator or the air powered tool.

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