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Corundum abrasive DSO

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Corundum DSO/FST abrasive to prepare special surfaces

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Applications: The main application area is the cleaning and blasting of steel surfaces, cast iron, concrete, etc. Especially effective in removing scale of steel or cleaning highly polluted surfaces. Can also be used for multiple circles (e.g. internal cleaning of steel containers and pipes).

Characteristics: ALODUR DSO consists of a mineral content (normal coral and a metallic content (ferrosilicon). Due to the two components, DSO as abrasive is equally aggressive (due to the coral content) as it is stable (FeSi content).

Technical data: SiO2 0,30% Al2O3 39,00% Fe2O3 0,30% TiO2 0,90% Fe 46,00% Si 7,20% Ti 3,00% Spez. Weight: 4.80 – 5.50 kg/dm ³ hardness according to Mohs: 9

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