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Steel abrasive round/steel shot

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Round-treated steel cast blasting abrasive

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Heat-treated steel blasting agent based on ISO 11124-3 applications: Adjusts, de-rust, deshees, exhaust, from e.g. grey cast parts, hard casting parts, sheet metal, pipes, drilling and milling tools, etc. Finishing, surface preparation, weld seam preparation, combustion cutting preparation.

Features: abrasive based on unalloyed steel. Through the selection of raw materials, melting and liquid crushing methods, the grain gets hard-hitting properties, tailored to the requirements in skid wheel blasting machines. The fine insertion consists of fine and homogeneous bainite and martensit. Tough, hard, elastic, spherical, compact, enclosed and tear-free, no grain fracture, consumption only due to surface wear. Wear resistance and the wear effect are optimally combined. The most economical steel blasting abrasive

Technical data: C 0.8 – 1.10% Si min. 0,4% Mn 0,35 – 1,2% S + P max. 0.04% Spec. Harshness HV 2.0:390-510 Density: 7.0 kg/dm ³ bulk: 3.8 – 4.6 kg/dm ³