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glass beads

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Glass beads blasting abrasive is ideally suited for refining your surface

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Applications: Cleaning, refining and compacting surfaces. Particularly suitable for refining visible surfaces of non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum bronze and brass. For pressure and injector blasting systems in dry and wet blasting processes. 107/5000 With glass beads blasted surfaces and give them a dull shine and thus already a finish.

Properties: Micro-glass pearls of the highest quality, produced according to the most modern know-how, do not rough the surface but leave behind dome-shaped impressions. They do not cause silicosis unlike quartz sand. The SiO2 is chemically bound in the glass beads.

Specifications: Spec. Weight: approx. 2.50 g / cm³ Mohs hardness: approx. 6 Bulk density: approx. 1.50 kg / l

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