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Glass grit

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Glass grit blasting media-iron-free-abrasive-environmentally friendly

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Areas of application: Use as disposable and reusable blasting medium in mobile and stationary compressed air and wet blasting systems. Soft cleaning of sensitive surfaces e.g. Shapes and tools. Due to its freedom from iron, it is also suitable for blasting work on high-alloy steels, special steels, non-ferrous metals and wood.
Garnet sand / Garnet alternative abrasive

Branches: Apparatus and container construction, stainless steel and steel construction, vehicle construction, corrosion protection, shipyard industry, façade, natural stone and concrete restoration, Graffiti removing, wood blasting.

Properties: environmentally friendly, resource-saving, iron-free for precious and special steels bright spray pattern, edged for compressed air and injector blasting technology for wet and slurry blasting technology gentle on the restoration insert handy for refurbishment of concrete

Specifications: Spec. Weight: approx. 2.50 g / cm³ Mohs hardness: approx. 6 Bulk density: approx. 1.40 kg / l Grain: edged

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