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Sintox® one-way abrasive

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Sintox one-way-abrasiv-non-toxic


Applications: Thanks to its quality and available grains, SINTOX is able to prepare surfaces exactly according to the requirements. It easily removes rust and layers of paint from steel surfaces, for example, is also suitable for processing concrete. Its chemically neutral character and the fact that it does not absorb water also allows use as a wet blasting agent, where it behaves better than sand, for example. The high quality has made SINTOX known and it is used successfully in many companies working in the corrosion sanctuary.

Industries: Apparatus and container construction, steel construction, vehicle construction, corrosion protection, shipyard industries, façade, natural stone and concrete renovation, graffiti removal, wood blasting.

Characteristics: Mineral abrasive from melting chamber slag aluminium silicate, officially tested and environmentally friendly, non-concerogenic, non-toxic, non-silicogenic, free of water-soluble salts, free of heavy metals.

Specifications: Shape: Angly color: Black hardness according to Mohs: About 8 bulk weight: 1.2 – 1.4 kg/cm ³ Spec. Weight approx 2.5 g/cm ³ SiO2 42 – 58% Al2O3 23 – 32% Feo 3 – 15% K2O 0.5 – 4.6% CaO 2 – 8.5%

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