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Soda abrasive

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The soda (industry’s leading baking
soda-based) abrasive is ideal for cleaning, paint stripping and degreasing. Remove antifouling.
For processing a variety of surfaces and materials including ferrous metals, aluminum and
other alloys, plastics and composites as well as masonry as well as brick, concrete and natural stone. GRP materials.

Industries applications: Aircraft industry, monument protection and processing of special plastics, such as GRP, ABS and polypropylene

Grit 180my = Ideal for general cleaning applications.
Grain Size 260my = As the crystals are four times larger than typical baking soda, it is very efficient at removing paint and antifouling.
At the same time soda abrasive is gentle enough to use it on glass surfaces without destroying anything.

Because the soda crystals are soft and brittle, bearings, gaskets or other moving components will not be damaged.
Avoid plant shutdowns; Many cleaning and paint removals can be performed while the equipment and machines are still in operation.

Soda blasting agent is not flammable and water-soluble based on baking soda NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate

Clean or paint virtually any surface quickly and thoroughly with little effort without covering. Ideal for complicated and difficult to access areas. Reduces or eliminates the use of solvents and chemical cleaners.
The excellent removal of impurities makes for a cleaner surface.
Quickly clear surfaces for non-destructive inspections and inspections, without metal removal or cracking.
Reduce waste volume and disposal costs
Compared to other abrasives, less cleaning is required to clean
to process a square meter area. The result is less waste!
In addition, spent soda blasting material is in and of itself harmless
and is easy and inexpensive to dispose of.
Excellent properties for occupational safety and environmental protection
Soda abrasive offers superior safety for employees and the environment
compared to solvents, corrosive chemicals, high-pressure cleaners and sandblasting.
The abrasive contains no free silica.

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