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Natural blast nut shell granules

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Natural blast nut shell granules



Areas of application: For cleaning internal combustion engines: Blasting residues burn down without causing piston eaters to clean aircraft parts and turbines: When blasting with natural blast, the foreign coverings or paint layers are probably removed, Surface solidification, however, avoided. Deburing of pressed plastic parts: With natural blast media, all hard-to-reach tightrope formations can be easily radiated economically. Matching plastic surfaces: The smooth, shiny plastic parts for automotive accessories must be mat and glare-free. The plastic parts on kitchen appliances, lighters, razors, writing instruments, etc. get a pleasing décor by irradiation with natural blast, become glare-free and griff-proof. Natural blast in sliding shift technology: With optimal results, natural blast grains are used in the drying vibro devices. The service life compared to the conventional corn cobber scrap or the beech wood flour is considerably higher, so that the economic efficiency is guaranteed in any case.

Features: This natural product consists of a mixture of ground fruit seeds and nut shells and has its solid range in the fine blast sector. This edgy blast media removes all foreign substances on the processed workpieces.

Specifications: Bulk weight: About 0.7 kg/dm ³

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