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Eder Ti-Grit Hartguss Strahlmittel

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verschleißfest, niedriger Verbrauch, kantig

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Areas of application Dishonery, de-rust, decalting, decanting, roughening, from e.g. grey casting parts, hard casting parts, sheet metal, pipes, drilling and milling tools, etc. Finishing, basic preparation hard rock saws, welding seam preparation, combustion cutting preparation. There are hundreds of standard applications for Ti grit. For special requirements, we produce artificial company mixtures or standard varieties and adapted mixtures for special cases.

Characteristics Canon not splinted, wear resistant due to compact grain parts, no dust development during radiation, least plant wear, low consumption. Surface roughness and – texture is ideal for subsequent coatings; edged blasting agent based on Ti-alloyed cast iron, not comparable to ordinary, brittle hard cast radiants. The small amount alloy of titanium gives a special toughness (steel-like fine-insertion) and is therefore of the highest lifespan and performance.

Technical data C 2.80 – 3.30% Si 1.10 – 1.50% Mn 0.33 – 0.5% min S + P max. 0,40% Spec. Harshness HV 2.0: (average) 720-830 Density: 7.3 bulk: 3.2 – 4.0 kg/dm

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