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WA Clean Technology

The newly developed and patented technology for the objective and production-related evaluation of the surface purity of steel surfaces

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WA CLEAN Technology 

WA CLEAN TECHNOLOGY application provides you access to a unique, patented and ISO approved technology used to evaluate the cleanliness of blasted metallic base materials in accordance with the international standards.

The WA CLEAN technology gives you the opportunity to document blasting processes within the scope of your quality assurance and to archive the values comprehensibly.

The WA CLEAN is an electronic optical device using as working principle an analytical colorimetry method to support the visual assessment of the surface preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates as defined in ISO 8501-1 or SSPC – VIS 1.
The usage of analytical colorimetry method as support tool for the visual evaluation of the surface preparation grades is described by ISO/TR 22770 document.

The evaluations of the surface preparation grades via visual assessment by using the ISO 8501 – 1, SSPC – VIS 1 reference photographs are now reinforced by figures issued from measurements done with the WA CLEAN device on the initial visually qualified surface preparation grades.

The utilization of the of WA CLEAN device makes possible an objective and reliable evaluation of the blast – cleaning grades, independently of any human interpretation. It reads, quantifies and archives the degree of surface cleanliness achieved on your blasted parts.

Main features
Optical analysis device able to evaluate the cleanliness level of a blasted surface
Quick measurments : less than 2 seconds per analysis
Internal data storage, transferable to PC via USB port
Magnetic adaptor to fit with curved surfaces (pipes, windmills towers…)
2 working modes : cleanliness measurement or PASS/FAIL

Objective and repeatable cleanliness controls
Reduction of re-blasting via immediate identification of process deviation
Reduction of over-blasting via an accurate monitoring of the cleanliness level

WA Clean the right choice

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